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Admin Marketing Influencer​

Prepare and provide all marketing/sales administrative needs in accordance with the applicable SOP (Standard Operational Procedure) in a company.

Customer Service​

Provide information or services related to goods and services in accordance with consumer needs. It is also intended to attract potential buyers.


Provides concept creation, printing design and ad placement services.

Staff Product Manager and Development​

Responsible for overseeing the team for the entire strategy, from identifying potential products, conducting market research.

Content Planner ​

Plan content and organize and ensure the editorial calendar runs smoothly.

Social Media Specialist

Analyze and evaluate audience response on social media. Interact with audiences on social media.

Build and strengthen brand identity. Planning event strategy.


A videographer has the task of conceptualizing, taking videos, and editing videos for promotional and social media purposes.

Content Creator ​

His job is to collect ideas and data, then conduct research and then develop it into a concept that will be used as content. After that, the content will be created according to the desired identity and branding.

Live Streamer​

The live streamer’s job is to entertain the audience. You are also selling, so you could say you can only get something after many people are entertained by what you show.

Frequently Asked Questions

Azrina Beauty ini sudah lolos uji BPOM sehingga aman untuk digunakan.

Setiap product penggunaannya berbeda-beda,silahkan baca petunjuk yang ada pada setiap product.

Silahkan berbelanja di official website, official e-commerce, official admin whatsapp serta official reseller yang ada di kota kamu.

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